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Thu, Jul. 8th, 2004, 11:03 pm
inspirewithhope: Admin update

I want to re-design all the IW journals. It costs $5 for two months of paid membership, which would mean I could use S1 properly and so customise the journals fully, yay! That's what I'll do, starting with inspirewithhope. I also want paid membership for The PIT's blog so that I can use appropriate icons when posting in this journal, so will be buying 12 months of paid membership (at $25) for that one.

I want to rename inspirewithart to "withart", so that it matches Consider the Lily's which is "withclarity". This costs $15.

I need to wait for more cash, so I'll begin implementing said changes next month. I think I'll get paid membership for The PIT's blog first, then I'll rename the Art Thou Communitas username and then I'll get started on re-designing the other IW journals. Just wanted to keep you in the know...

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