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Sun, Jul. 11th, 2004, 03:04 pm
inspirewithhope: /Music: Coming soon

I bring you news of an emerging site to join the Inspire With network: love MUSIC (Inspire With Music). It's so brand new that the site's still in development, but it's going to feature my lyrics, tabs, music etc. It's currently set for release late 2004, but that may change.

The site is basically a project that will develop as my guitar and music-writing skills do, so progress depends entirely on that. I plan to buy a guitar next month, so I won't need to borrow my bro's any more. Huzzah!

News on further developments will appear in this journal. I don't know if there will eventually be an Inspire With Music journal, there's no need for one now, but if one arises, I'll let you know.