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Inspired (Inspire With...)

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Welcome to the official Inspire With... journal!

The Inspire With... network is a collection of just my sites at the moment, but others are set to join even as I speak. If you have a cool idea you're welcome to join too, subject to confirmation. Email me if you're interested, or comment.

The Inspire With... journal is for updates on all the IW... sites and anything related to them. Each member site has its own journal for more extensive info. This comm exists to save you checking them all obsessively, but feel free to do that too. See below for links to all the sites and their journals.

Membership (and posting access) open to the owners and maintainers of Inspire With... sites only. If you own or maintain a member site then IW comm membership is guaranteed and the requesting process is merely a formality.

Please comment with questions, ideas etc. I'm always happy to hear from you!

Inspire With...

/Art: Art Thou :: my Web design & photography
Status: live at inspirewith.com/art
Journal: inspirewithart
Owner: KGA Bright

/Clarity: H2O: think! :: my philosophical thoughts; includes articles, reviews & more
Status: live at inspirewith.com/clarity
Journal: withclarity
Owner: KGA Bright

/Hope: The PIT :: my literary endeavourous; includes poetry, prose & more
Status: live at inspirewith.com/hope
Journal: inspirewithhope
Owner: KGA Bright


Status: under construction