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Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 09:43 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

/art: Art Thou
New Web design template (in progress) now released, it's called Ink; there are also a myriad of new poetry site links in the site directory. The weekly poetry review is out too at Communitas.

/hope: The PIT
Week before last, new (in progress) project - Summer - which includes 2 poems. Inspired by dadave and Black Books.

Last week, two new poems - Once I Gazed at You in Wonder & On Magick. In addition, another poem for the Summer project - Summer Girl.

This week, six new poems - Afterglow (2), Distracted Daft Grin, Falling, Spoken Lullaby, Us, You. Plus brand new site design (as well as six new Link In graphics) and re-organised/updated info throughout the site. Check The PIT's blog for more information; visit the site to see the changes.

Sun, Aug. 8th, 2004, 04:33 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

/art: Art Thou
- Jan Heller Levi poetry review (weekly)
- New design template in progress: Ink

/hope: The PIT
- New literary project: Summer
- Projects info re-organised

Sun, Aug. 1st, 2004, 08:06 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

/art: Art Thou
- Two new design templates
- New reviews at Art Thou Communitas
- Improved site directory system

/hope: The PIT
- Two new poems in Poetry
- Two new poems in the Waterloo Underground project
- Corrections to prose
- Updates to Design and Updates info (in Site)

Fri, Jul. 30th, 2004, 03:08 pm
inspirewithhope: Progress report

I regret to inform you that due to my limited Internet access there won't be any updates until Sunday, 1st August; at the earliest. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Plus, due to lack of funds, no journal makeovers or renaming until Aug/Sep.


Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 10:38 pm
inspirewithhope: Progress report

/hope: The PIT
Sneak preview of the new proposed design for The PIT's blog. Too narcissistic?

/clarity: H2O: think!
Unfortunately, due to lack of inspiration and lack of interest H2O: think! is on hiatus until term re-starts (in September 2004). It's been on unofficial hiatus for a while now and, although I have tried drumming up interest, I think I need to seriously re-think the content etc. So, I'm going to use the two months I have to create content, find a readership and make it totally groovetastic again. (Wish me luck...!)

Please note that the site will still be online all through the hiatus period, I just won't be updating it. All feedback welcome.

If anyone would like to submit Philosophy-related articles, they would be most welcome. Even if you're not entirely sure they belong within the sphere of Philosophy, worry not, for my many years of schooling have made me brilliant at making the most tenuously related things relevant. I would totally adore you forever. Cheers.

On the same lines, if you know of any good Philosophy sites that I should be plugging, let me know.

/music: love MUSIC
Powering ahead offline. It's now due for release, ahead of previous schedule, Aug/Sept 2004. I want to buy Sibelius first, but it depends how much it costs. Need to look in to that. Updates on the site and its status will continue to appear here, at the Inspired journal.

Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 10:34 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

Have been working flat out recently, especially in the last couple of days. So, lots of brand new content, including two sets of photographs and three finished templates at Art Thou, not to mention reviews at Communitas; new poetry and projects at The PIT, plus much better organisation of poetry and projects for easier browsing. There was even time to create a totally gimmicky Wall of Buttons at the Inspire With portal. Woot!

IW: Inspire With
New Wall of Buttons: for 30x30 pixel buttons and accompanying links. Woefully small as yet, but I'm going to go on a button-grabbing spree and hopefully people will send me their buttons too, so, yeah. Woo-hoo!

/art: Art thou
Brand new template, inspired by my friend Heather; plus two previously WIP templates - Faces and Tulips - now complete.
New photography sets, of tulips (dying) and of random garden flowers at night.
Weekly poetry reviews in full swing. In case you've forgotten, this month's poet is David Ignatow. Get reviews on his poetry every Wednesday at the Art Thou Communitas journal.

/hope: The PIT
New illustrated poem, plus there's now an alphabetical listing of this year's poetry for easier browsing.
New arthope literary project - The Plagiarist, plus projects' info and links re-organised for increased readability.
Credits' info updated to include acknowledgement of, and thanks to, those who've given feedback recently and ever.

Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 10:27 pm
inspirewithhope: IW: Wall of Buttons

Got a site? Got a 30x30 button? Want free publicity? Then join! It's like a link exchange, but not...


Site owners
Unlike link exchanges, you don't need to link to Inspire With to get your free plug, because it's totally free. Hooray, something for nothing! Can't get much better than that, can it?

More interesting to look at than a page of text links it loads quickly because the buttons are teeny-tiny and optimised. So, the next time you're bored surfing the Web, pop in to the Wall, click a button and go somewhere random.

Comment with:
     - address of your site
     - name of your site
     - three words about your site
     - link to your 30x30 button; it must be exactly 30x30 pixels

...and I'll add you to the Wall of Buttons. Huzzah! No obscene sites please, thanks. If you're not sure if your site's okay, comment anyway and I'll let you know.

Unsure? Check the Wall for examples.

Sun, Jul. 11th, 2004, 03:04 pm
inspirewithhope: /Music: Coming soon

I bring you news of an emerging site to join the Inspire With network: love MUSIC (Inspire With Music). It's so brand new that the site's still in development, but it's going to feature my lyrics, tabs, music etc. It's currently set for release late 2004, but that may change.

The site is basically a project that will develop as my guitar and music-writing skills do, so progress depends entirely on that. I plan to buy a guitar next month, so I won't need to borrow my bro's any more. Huzzah!

News on further developments will appear in this journal. I don't know if there will eventually be an Inspire With Music journal, there's no need for one now, but if one arises, I'll let you know.

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2004, 11:03 pm
inspirewithhope: Admin update

I want to re-design all the IW journals. It costs $5 for two months of paid membership, which would mean I could use S1 properly and so customise the journals fully, yay! That's what I'll do, starting with inspirewithhope. I also want paid membership for The PIT's blog so that I can use appropriate icons when posting in this journal, so will be buying 12 months of paid membership (at $25) for that one.

I want to rename inspirewithart to "withart", so that it matches Consider the Lily's which is "withclarity". This costs $15.

I need to wait for more cash, so I'll begin implementing said changes next month. I think I'll get paid membership for The PIT's blog first, then I'll rename the Art Thou Communitas username and then I'll get started on re-designing the other IW journals. Just wanted to keep you in the know...

Inspire With...
/art: inspirewithart
/clarity: withclarity
/hope: inspirewithhope

Thu, Jul. 8th, 2004, 09:47 pm
inspirewithhope: Progress report

- Progress on weekly updates of IW sites
- Weekly poetry reviews and more art reviews at Art Thou
- Philosophy discussion board at Consider the Lily?
- New poetry at The PIT

As mentioned earlier (9th June and 4th July), I'm attempting weekly updates of all the IW journals because otherwise they'll stagnate. Here's how I'm getting on...

Art Thou Communitas
I'm updating Art Thou Communitas regularly and frequently. I'm posting poetry reviews every week (David Ignatow this month) and art gallery reviews as and when I visit. For example, I recently posted an article on the Tate (including exhibitions by Edward Hopper and Luc Tuymans). If you like reading reviews on books, music and so forth, join Glitterarty.

Consider the Lily
I don't have nearly enough content, currently. However, I'm putting out feelers to see if I know anyone who'd be interested in discussing Philosophy there. If you know anyone who might be interested please direct them to Consider the Lily, cheers!

The PIT: News & Updates
I've been updating News & Updates more than once weekly for a while, so that's all good. It's mostly to let you know when I've updated the site, but it all helps. Speaking of which, I've updated The PIT with more poems, hurrah!

Any suggestions for any/all the IW sites are most welcome. Cheers!

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