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Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 10:34 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

Have been working flat out recently, especially in the last couple of days. So, lots of brand new content, including two sets of photographs and three finished templates at Art Thou, not to mention reviews at Communitas; new poetry and projects at The PIT, plus much better organisation of poetry and projects for easier browsing. There was even time to create a totally gimmicky Wall of Buttons at the Inspire With portal. Woot!

IW: Inspire With
New Wall of Buttons: for 30x30 pixel buttons and accompanying links. Woefully small as yet, but I'm going to go on a button-grabbing spree and hopefully people will send me their buttons too, so, yeah. Woo-hoo!

/art: Art thou
Brand new template, inspired by my friend Heather; plus two previously WIP templates - Faces and Tulips - now complete.
New photography sets, of tulips (dying) and of random garden flowers at night.
Weekly poetry reviews in full swing. In case you've forgotten, this month's poet is David Ignatow. Get reviews on his poetry every Wednesday at the Art Thou Communitas journal.

/hope: The PIT
New illustrated poem, plus there's now an alphabetical listing of this year's poetry for easier browsing.
New arthope literary project - The Plagiarist, plus projects' info and links re-organised for increased readability.
Credits' info updated to include acknowledgement of, and thanks to, those who've given feedback recently and ever.