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Sun, Jul. 18th, 2004, 10:38 pm
inspirewithhope: Progress report

/hope: The PIT
Sneak preview of the new proposed design for The PIT's blog. Too narcissistic?

/clarity: H2O: think!
Unfortunately, due to lack of inspiration and lack of interest H2O: think! is on hiatus until term re-starts (in September 2004). It's been on unofficial hiatus for a while now and, although I have tried drumming up interest, I think I need to seriously re-think the content etc. So, I'm going to use the two months I have to create content, find a readership and make it totally groovetastic again. (Wish me luck...!)

Please note that the site will still be online all through the hiatus period, I just won't be updating it. All feedback welcome.

If anyone would like to submit Philosophy-related articles, they would be most welcome. Even if you're not entirely sure they belong within the sphere of Philosophy, worry not, for my many years of schooling have made me brilliant at making the most tenuously related things relevant. I would totally adore you forever. Cheers.

On the same lines, if you know of any good Philosophy sites that I should be plugging, let me know.

/music: love MUSIC
Powering ahead offline. It's now due for release, ahead of previous schedule, Aug/Sept 2004. I want to buy Sibelius first, but it depends how much it costs. Need to look in to that. Updates on the site and its status will continue to appear here, at the Inspired journal.