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Thu, Aug. 26th, 2004, 09:43 pm
inspirewithhope: Site updates

/art: Art Thou
New Web design template (in progress) now released, it's called Ink; there are also a myriad of new poetry site links in the site directory. The weekly poetry review is out too at Communitas.

/hope: The PIT
Week before last, new (in progress) project - Summer - which includes 2 poems. Inspired by dadave and Black Books.

Last week, two new poems - Once I Gazed at You in Wonder & On Magick. In addition, another poem for the Summer project - Summer Girl.

This week, six new poems - Afterglow (2), Distracted Daft Grin, Falling, Spoken Lullaby, Us, You. Plus brand new site design (as well as six new Link In graphics) and re-organised/updated info throughout the site. Check The PIT's blog for more information; visit the site to see the changes.